The Alcatel-Lucent 7357 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) Fiber to the Building (FTTB) Sealed Expansion Module (SEM) ETSI is a full-service IP access node for remote deployments, offering 48 VDSL2 ports with 8/12/17 profiles and ADSL/ADSL2+ compatibility. With the 7357 FTTB SEM ETSI, service providers can capitalize on their investment in copper infrastructure by maximizing the available throughput to each subscriber.

Each VSEM-D supports VDSL2 pair bonding and vectoring. This allows service providers to deliver 100 Mb/s and beyond to subscribers.

The 7357 ISAM FTTB SEM consists of a sealed, weatherproof enclosure containing protector panel, splitters and 1-Gb/s or 2.5-Gb/s SFP and 48 DSL ports. Temperature hardened up to +46C, it can be deployed almost anywhere, including on pedestals, poles or walls, in existing cross-connect cabinets walls or in utility holes.


Benefits & Features

Fast broadband deployed faster with the fastest ROI

  • Fast broadband supporting 100 Mb/s and beyond with VDSL2 vectoring
  • Multi-pair bonding for increased bandwidth to residential (two pair) or business (up to eight pair) subscribers
  • FTTN overlay reduces CAPEX and time to market when compared to FTTH overlay

Enables flexible deployment of broadband services without the need for a conventional cabinet

  • Rugged sealed design with passive cooling
  • Universal mounting system for pedestals, cabinets, poles and utility holes
  •  Line powered (with power holdup) or locally powered

Leverages residential access network for mobile backhaul and business services

  • Vectoring and multi-pair bonding for high-bandwidth applications
  • Supporting CPE includes the Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR-M with integrated VDSL2 uplink with bonding support
  • IP/Ethernet access platform supporting advanced forwarding

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